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Jiangxi provincial governor liu qi to the research of light Shangrao municipal party committee secre
Category: Company news
Date: 2018-12-18
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Author: 佚名
Liu qi dong planning and affirm to the king, and points out that the investment is the economic "troika" of the initiative.

On Dec. 7, when investigation in yushan county, GuangFeng area of jiangxi province governor liu qi stressed that to carry out xi jinping, general secretary of jiangxi work "the new hope and three focus on, adhere to the" four important requirement, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, firmly establish and carry out new development concept, to deepen the reform of the supply side structural lead, improve the mechanism of the system, optimize the development environment, eliminate pain points the difficulty, continue to enhance the vitality of private investment in power, promote the development of private economy innovation, promote transformation and upgrading, speed up the development of economy. Provincial secretary-general zhang yong and made the head along with the research; Shangrao Ma Chengzu secretary of municipal party committee, vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor YanGanHui, vice mayor Qiu Muxing and other accompanying research.

Liu qi to the lighting details about the enterprise research and development, production, sales, and so on and so forth. Chairman wang hai mutuality personally led the governor liu qi and others details about the company to the workshop production capacity, quality and safety, product efficiency, and so on and so forth. Chairman wang hai mutuality, said the lighting to stand in a high starting point planning development, high standard design, the formation of photoelectric industry cluster, makes the high quality the yushan optoelectronic industry base. Liu qi dong planning and affirm to the king, and points out that the investment is the economic "troika" of the initiative. Insist on problem orientation, market orientation, to promote investment, especially private investment in each link of the measures, scratching fine solid, resolve pain points and difficulties of the issues hampering the private investment, play to private investment in the economic development and the key role in the process of cultivating new growth momentum.

Liu emphasized research, to give full play to in terms of location, personnel, transport and industrial advantages, to speed up the development of private economy innovation, promote industrial quality efficiency upgrades. Must set up the whole domain development concept, improve policies for regional development, and continuously optimizing the spatial pattern of economic development and industrial layout, and improve the efficiency of the allocation of resources and the regional overall development level.


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