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The light has appeared each big spring show Extraordinary exhibition
Category: Company news
Date: 2018-12-18
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Author: 佚名
All the light close to the market demand, hold the pulse of The Times, with innovative products and customer oriented strategy, continue to provide reliable products for our customers.
Bloomy spring, all things recovery, this is a vibrant season, is also a season of sowing hope, 2016 for the lighting is a year full of hope, is to consolidate and develop the year, as export sales champion project-light lamp in 2015, belong to the past glory, more is to encourage, forget about the past 2016 to start, run to the light!

First stop: in 2016 the eighth Hong Kong spring international lighting fair


Spring April 9, 2016, the Hong Kong international lighting fair in Hong Kong convention and exhibition center successfully concluded. All the light as the world's leading manufacturers and sellers of the LED illumination products, together with the latest products and professional sales team at this exhibition, show partners from all over the world and all the light of the latest products and enterprise strength, especially the appearance of new products MAX project-light lamp, favored by customers with excellent performance, reached 300000, has obtained the good start.

The second stop: in 2016 the 119th spring Canton fair on April 15 to 19

                      All the light shining star Double booth in the Canton fair  

All the way to grasp the "area" strategic trade and investment and cooperation opportunities, is the enterprise independent brand of "going out" a good time, enterprises should play a "spirit", along the attaches great importance to enter the market of product quality and after-sales service, rational treatment of the development of the local government requirements, grasp the new opportunities for the "made in China". All the light close to the market demand, hold the pulse of The Times, with innovative products and customer oriented strategy, continue to provide reliable products for our customers. The exhibition effect is remarkable, very good to show the enterprise and the product innovation ability, crowds during the exhibition, an endless stream, the scene is very hot.

The third stop: to participate in the 2016 Thailand LED lighting fair on April 19-22


Go abroad, learning and communication, display outstanding manufacturer, the lighting on behalf of excellent domestic manufacturers to be invited to attend the exhibition, with excellent partners from all over the world to carry out exchanges and cooperation.

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