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The 2015 guangzhou heng photoelectric technology co., LTD. The annual meeting of the report
Category: Company news
Date: 2018-12-18
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Author: 佚名
December 5-6, two days of the "guangzhou heng photoelectric technology co., LTD. 2015 annual conference" in Jiang Xizhong lighting technology co., LTD., was held as scheduled.
December 5-6, two days of the "guangzhou heng photoelectric technology co., LTD. 2015 annual conference" in Jiang Xizhong lighting technology co., LTD., was held as scheduled. At the purpose of this meeting is to let the high-level meeting in guangzhou, jiangxi together; Through this annual meeting that the staff more clearly in 2016, the company's plan and all departments; Solve the various problems existed in 2015, at the same time, the problem be implemented and improved. The constant and the light in a total of 42 high-rise under the instructions of mr.wong to attend the meeting, the meeting shall be presided over by human administration department senior manager WuBin.

"Good, very good, very good, there is no best, only better!" Passion slogan full pull open the prelude of this annual meeting. After singing company song "the constant light, mr.wong share core values and core work principle, and points out that, to our corporate culture implementation into our work, should not only try to take everything. High-level meeting, each department to share in the past 2015 years that the company's three major achievements, executives fully affirmed the company's vision and strategy, said "won the first prize of global project-light lamp, led project-light lamp markets around the world," the vision put forward the strategy of "focused project-light lamp" is a very wise decision. A unified target, you can work, to create a better tomorrow, and for the top sign written pledge to fulfill a military order, have said not to reach their goals, voluntary demotion or leave! Conference on "management, quality, production, delivery, sales, production process, cost" seven big issues to discuss, such as executives views, in view of the problems put forward effective solutions and implement to the people.

Meeting the next day, have the honor to invite to the Shanghai city cast ding, Shanghai chong fung Peng Zong senior investment professionals to attend this annual meeting, in view of the present economic situation and development prospects of the company professional analysis, put forward good advice on construction company team as well as to the product positioning should be combined with the financial services, product design to let the customer have engaged to do good, and the executives made detailed answer questions.

At the end of 2015, the target and the confidence to meet in 2016. Enterprise culture takes root, adhere to the strategy, to build "global project-light lamp first, to lead the global project-light lamp market" ready!

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