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More terrible than the "failures", is "the low price competition"!
Category: Industry news
Date: 2018-12-18
Click: 8801
Author: 佚名
Since this year, lighting industry enterprises "collapse", "shutdown" and "bankruptcy", "unpaid wages", "declining performance" and "loss" message moved the heart."How low price business people do!

Since this year, lighting industry enterprises "collapse", "shutdown" and "bankruptcy", "unpaid wages", "declining performance" and "loss" message moved the heart. Due to severe overcapacity in China, many enterprises or business, didn't go by low profit to survive.

In the long term of "subhealth" operation mode become the Achilles' heel of the enterprise, some small and medium-sized enterprises become inevitable result being dragged down to the exit. However, in addition to the external environment, internal vicious competition in consuming lighting industry also good times. In order to maintain the customer, to ensure business, some companies do not hesitate to sell goods with "break-even" attitude, increased risk of more small and medium-sized lamps factory closed down.

"How low price business people do!" Now, it seems, is worse than "failures" is "the low price competition".

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